• Butter Caramel Pu'erh

    Dessert in a cup! Sweet, buttery, and the taste of caramel...a decadent Irish cuppa! A delightful Pu'erh, aged to perfection. Add milk, cream, and/or sweetener if desired.
  • Golden Pu'erh - 5 Years

    Grown and aged to perfection, this pu'erh has been aged for five years! A mild hint of mustiness and a bit of earthy character due to its dark-brown leaf and a strong, spicily-earthy taste! Depending on the brewing time and dosage, an infusion with an...
  • Nuts Over Pu'erh

    An amazing Asian creation! Truly nutty and spice flavors will explode from this amazing cuppa aged black tea! This strongly spicy and earthy tea blend has found a perfect partner in the wonderfully nutty pistachio. The optic is ennobled by shining peony...
  • Very Berry Pu'erh

    The earthy aroma of Pu'erh combined with the spectacular flavor of fresh sweet berries will capture your senses in this all time favorite blend!