• Grape Escape

    Fresh juice from sun-ripened grapes and an optic that reminds you of the glowing colors at harvest time! Red berries and the blue-violet color of blossoms, set on a bed of rich green, invite you to simply enjoy the sweet taste summer in your cup!
  • Pai Mu Tan

    A decadent tea for a strong body! Noted for its floral aroma, this China Pai Mu Tan goes through a careful process that gives it a clean taste faintly reminiscent of fresh apples! This tea has enormous potential health benefits! Some of those benefits...
  • Peony White Silver Needle

    The Peony Needle white tea, like other types of tea, comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant and is grown only in China, in the province of Fujian. Early in the spring, when the young buds have not yet been opened, it is collected. The thin, elongated...
  • Perfect Pear

    East meets West in this surprising blend of two rich flavored fruits: Mango and Pear! Any doubt about this organic blend is gone with the first sip. Blended well with the delicate white peony, this must-have organic creation leaves traces of perfection...
  • Sakura Cherry Rose

    A fabulous tea for relaxing an afternoon away, this wonderfully full-bodied tea offers delicate rose notes and sweetly astringent cherry notes.
  • White Prakash

    Made from the finest organically grown spring buds and young leaves of the tea plant, this exquisite, minimally oxidized white tea comes from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (KTE), established in 1984. White Prakash, a darker white tea, with a light body,...