• Almond Joy

    Indulge in a deliciously guilt-free morning or afternoon treat with the rich, creamy flavor of Almond Joy Tea! A taste experience which your nose and palate will love! Our tip: simply try it and... enjoy! For a perfect taste, brew the tea for 10 minutes.
  • Apple Cheeks

    Warm up the heart with this special and smooth fruit tea blend! With large apple slices, whole walnut pieces, this tea leaves behind the delicious taste of apple pie with hints of caramelized walnuts and marshmallows! A real eye-catcher!
  • Apple Cider

    Golden rays of the sun, a soft coat of mist covering fields and forests in the mornings, slowly falling leaves... The apples are harvested and we get to taste the first cider! Deliciously fresh apple wine – already with a hint of autumnal spices! Served...