• Ceremonial Matcha Powder, Tin (30g)

    The finest Springtime, green powder from Shizuoka Japan is used for the traditional preparation of a Japanese tea ceremony. Put one level teaspoon full of Matcha powder into a bowl, add freshly boiled, but cooled water, and froth up with a bamboo whisk...
  • Dragonwell

    Lung Ching Tea "Dragonwell" is produced by hand using a 10-step process! Full-bodied and slight heady bouquet!
  • Genmaicha

    Genmaicha, or “brown rice tea,” can also be called “popcorn tea” due to the rice grains popping during the roasting process. Although Bancha, which is the root of this tea, is considered the lowest grade of green tea because it’s the use of mature...
  • Gyokuro

    Jade Dew, Gyokuro, is the pinnacle of Japanese green tea. It’s high grade and premium reputation are the result of the special processing methods that this tea undergoes. Grown in the shade, which is what brings out its natural sweetness, the infusion is...
  • Hojicha

    A warm, rounded, and playful green tea from Japan! Kukicha is a blend of tea leaves and tea leaf stems. The lightness of the stems translates into the cup as a sweet, white sesame seed or chestnut note. Tender quality to the texture, like soft white rice...
  • Jasmine Tears

    Perfumy, hand-rolled jewels from Fujian province, China, Jasmine Dragon Tears is one of the prettiest treasures known to man in the World of Tea. For more than 100 years, in the mountains of southeast China, only the finest and youngest leaves have...