• Berry Rosey

    Tangy, juicy, and all together delicious combination of raspberry and delicate rose blossoms, this flowery oolong is known for its fragrant floral notes! With rose petals and pink cornflowers to perfect this beautiful creation, you’ll be looking through...
  • Royal Peach

    Imagine a blend of Sencha and Oolong teas, with essences of exotic fruits coupled with a creamy vanilla flavoring, and you’ve got the one of a kind Peachy Green Oolong! This colorful cup is filled with cornflower and sunflower blossoms, specifically...
  • Shalimar Oolong

    A beautiful creation that will enchant every Oolong lover! Standing for immeasurable wealth and unlimited power, the name best describes Shalimar's flair of the lovely, soft, flowery half-fermented tea with the long, slightly curled leaf, flavored with...
  • Sparkling Lilac

    A beautiful string of Aronia berries, pomegranate, and red currants is embraced by a rare Iron Goddess of Mercy. Ti Kuan Yin Oolong is known as one of the most expensive teas in the world. Its fragrant and fruity flavor is sure to please.
  • Vanilla Pudding

    Let the sweetness of vanilla pudding put a smile on your face once again! Inspired by the tastes of Ti Kuan Yin oolong, this tea’s smooth and creamy texture leaves a behind a delicate flavor leaving you wanting more of your favorite dessert! Add in a...