• Formosa Oolong

    A Taiwan favorite - smooth, toasty with a slight sweetness. This semi-fermented tea is allowed to turn slightly brown before firing and capturing it's nuance, giving it a distinct flavor in your cup.
  • Ginseng Oolong

    A premium tea hailing from the Chinese province of Hainan, in this delicate and soft cup only the youngest of sprouts are used. Lightly coated with powdered ginseng and licorice root lending to its subtle sweetness, quite a few health benefits can be...
  • Milky Oolong

    Milky Oolong is a luxurious delight! "Nai Xian Jin Xuan or Taiwan milky oolong tea is from Jin Xuan tea, which has been scented with milk flavor, so it has milk, sweet, fruit and fragrant taste."
  • Slim & Trim Oolong

    Thanks to the Goddess of Mercy, consumed without milk or sugar, this tea has no calories and acts as a great appetite suppressant! With a sweet and floral scent, this delicate tea can boost weight loss by improving sluggish digestion and jolt energy...